According to the constitution (available in Dutch only) the board carries the final legal responsibility for the iMMO foundation. Major responsibilities include the resolving of policies and strategies, amongst which the annual plans and budgets, overseeing the chief executive and the overall proceedings of the organization and counselling the chief executive. The board selects and appoints the external financial auditor. In collaboration with the chief executive the board is involved in external contacts.According to the constitution the board numbers three to seven members, preferably five. The composition sees to an adequate spread of capabilities and backgrounds. The members of the board receive no remuneration.The board currently knows the following composition.

Tineke Parson, chairperson
After her training to become a social worker, Tineke has held various positions at VluchtelingenWerk since may 1988. Currently she is director of the board for VluchtelingenWerk West en Midden- Nederland (Flevoland, Noord-Holland and Utrecht) and is also a board member at the VWN national association (portfolio Vluchtelingen Centraal).

Mr. Ernst Faber, treasurer 
has many years of governance experience in a variety of positions at social organizations in education, sports, drug assistance and development aid. As former notary, he has a vast amount of legal knowledge and expertise useful for iMMO. Currently he is board member of a number of non-profit foundations and associations. He also works as curator and executor and provides legal advise. For a further summary (in Dutch) of his activities click here.

Mirjam Huisman, vice-chairperson
is director of VluchtelingenWerk Zuidwest-Nederland since January 2016. From July 2020 she fulfills the same function at VluchtelingenWerk in Oost-Nederland. Before that she worked for several years for various ministries and government organizations. Mirjam has substantive roots in administrative information science, but above all she has a solid foundation in the field of change management and organizational development.