Netherlands Institute for Human Rights and Medical Assessment

    iMMO contributes to the protection of human rights, especially by making medical assessments of suspected victims of torture and inhumane treatment and the transfer of expertise thereof. This is done especially in the context of a procedure for asylum seekers.

    iMMO uses free lance professionals – especially physicians and psychologists – who have the required knowledge and expertise, who commit themselves on a voluntary basis and who are not bound to iMMO by an employment contract. These assessors are trained by iMMO and perform assessments working independently within the framework of their professional responsibility.

    Besides forensic medical assessments iMMO offers advice and consultation to professionals having questions regarding medical aspects of (amongst other) the asylum procedure. iMMO also provides training and education, e.g. with regard to the early recognition of victims of torture or inhumane treatment.

    iMMO participates in an international community of institutions specialized in the reception, assessment and treatment of victims of torture and inhumane treatment.

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