Assessment and Consultation

iMMO has decided to conduct medical assessments again starting June 1st, due to relaxation of Covid-19 related public health measures.

Assessments are carried out in accordance with the recommendations of the national health institute RIVM.
iMMO has set up the following protocol:

  • A client or someone in his/her direct surroundings should not have symptoms that could be related to a Covid-19 infection.
  • iMMO will contact the client or contactperson of the client, to confirm there are no possibly Covid-19 related health complaints the day prior to an assessment.
    – In case we are unable to gain this information, the assessment will be cancelled.
  • This means that iMMO should have access to relevant contactdetails so we can reach client or contactperson
  • Client should be enabled by COA or otherwise to travel to the location where the assessment takes place.
    – In case public transport is used, a face mask is obligatory.
  • Our assessmentroom is equiped with plastic screens and fluids for desinfection. Our staff will be using face masks and gloves during the assessment when necessary.
  • If during the assessment we ascertain that client does have symptoms of Covid-19 infection, the assessment is terminated.

Lawyers of clients invited for an assessment receive an extensive briefing on our measures by email.
For further questions and information prior to the assessment, client or lawyer can contact iMMO by email: or by phone at 020-840 76 70

For the moment assessments will take place less frequently as usual. The time between commitment of assessment and the delivery of the assessment report
is currently extended by two months.

There have been no changes with regards to submitting requests for assessment.