Applying for Assessment or Consultation

An iMMO assessment may be applied for by any number of parties. E.g. a legal council, a refugee worker, the Immigration Service or the judiciary. Care providers for asylum seekers with questions regarding medical aspects of the asylum procedure may also apply.

Several modes exist.

  1. To find out whether a case is eligible for an iMMO assessment an on line form may be used. The applicant will receive an answer on short notice, usually within one week.
  2. When it seems certain that a case is eligible for an iMMO assessment an application may be done by filling in the elaborate on line application form  (in Dutch only).
  3. Consultation about the application by phone (020-840 76 70) can be done during opening hours.

An active effort on behalf of the applicant is required. It is important that the person to be assessed is duly prepared for the assessment in order to have an optimal cooperation in performing this. The assessment may be burdensome. It is possible that a confidant accompany the assessed person. However, often it is not desirable that such a person be present at the actual assessment.

It is important for iMMO that it will receive adequate feed back on the use and follow up of the report produces by iMMO. This will provide am indispensable contribution to the quality assurance and development of iMMO assessments. iMMO is dependent on the applicants active support in this.

An assessment will always need a written permission of the person to be assessed. A document, the downloadable Consent iMMO Assessment  available for this. Possibly in the course of the assessment it may become apparant that the data gathered may serve an eductational purpose in iMMO. In that case iMMO will ask the assessed person for a separate permission to use the materials in this way by means of Consent Educational Use iMMO. There is  of course no obligation to cooperate.