Appraisal of the Application

Prior to the actual assessment iMMO will validate whether the application fits with the mission of the organization and whether the assessment is of value given the procedure concerned. This appraisal is done in a weekly staff conference.

The appraisal is done based on a completed file containing all relevant medical information and a fully completed application form. To prevent any delay and facilitate a conscientious appraisal the applicant is invited to send all necessary information along with the application for an assessment.

Not all applications will be granted. iMMO’s staff will judge whether iMMO will perform an assessment and which assessment question will be addressed. Sometimes additional information is required, causing postponement of the decision to perform the assessment. Sometimes an assessment will not be possible because of the immediacy of the asylum procedure or the nonavailability on short notice of an iMMO assessor.

Criteria for the appraisal are currently available in Dutch only.